Alexander Hunter, goes by the name "Grey Wolf" is a male Kronan Ree agent of the Society. He was a veteran soldier in the US military, a father of Michael Hunter and grandfather of Alex Hunter, who also became an Agent to the organization in his footsteps.


Early lifeEdit

At some time when his grandson was young he was asked to help raise him while his Daughter-in-law travelled with the archeaologists and his son is running the Wolf Industries. He strongly believed when Alex reaches the age of becoming a Kronan Ree he will most likely have a hard time surviving when he becomes older, so he decided to teach Alex in combat. Over time, Grey Wolf would believe Hunter would have a great rol in the Society for when his time comes, if it's against Hunter's parents' belief he should live a normal life.

Returning to the WarEdit

After a brief combat with three Death Hunters, one of them under the cover of a substitute teacher he took out Spring Heeled Jack. Realised the danger the kids were in now that their enemies have found them they would have to be recruited by the Society to begin training them for future conflicts with the Death Hunters.

Physical appearanceEdit

Grey Wolf is very strong and muscular for his age, possibly due to his species' slow rate of physical age. Grey silvery hair in a pony tail and passing down his shoulders. In his hybrid form he commonly transforms into a large silver furred, bipedal wolf in which given him the nickname.


As a veteran, Grey Wolf has used his military experiences of completing missions giving by the Society. He carries some pride over the deeds his family had done in history. Despite knowing the conflicts between his species and humans, sees the Society as a way of bringing both races together instead of trying to dominate the other. He has a strong hatred and hostilities towards the Zon Ghouls and would'nt hesitate to kill them when they're wounded. Despite being 'retired' he missed the life of fighting the paranormal and fighting their enemies. After Hunter and Claire were recruited he gladly returned to his old career.

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