Alydonians are a race of humans decsendant from the African natives on Taul'ra when their ancient human civilzation was highly advanced in its time and they one of the first humans to colonize the outer worlds beyond their home star system.

Culture and SocietyEdit

Since the near downfall of the early Alydonian civilization they had vowed to become strong and never be preyed by hostile threats such as the U'mmit who enslaved their ancestors, developed a strong hatred for slavery of conqoured races even if they were not of their own species during the Wrai'tari Empire's reign.


Alydonians have a hierachy religous structure, believing in many deities by their roles and even a higher god they refer to as the Celestial Being or "Kalahn" in their language meaning God who created them in their image, their religion is vaguely similiar to Christian belief but also belief that the the Celestial Being has many names and faces in one's religion.


From their earliest records there have been individuals with signs of spiritual abitilies that were called Soul walkers, able to speak with spirits of the dead. There have been many who were worshipped in their pre-civilization and some later became religious idols.


There were a few who had been corrupted by the shadowed forces as many individual races from the Spirit Realm who would wish to cheat death or control their life cycles for immortality. In the Hei'len War some left the Amejai Order to help bring a new order in the galaxy.



Settled on the planet Alydon to begin establishing a colony but at some point in what was known as "The Void Era" their civilization was forced to fend for themselves, creating tribes in the first centuries of their isolation, hoping one day to return to Tual'ra and find out what has become of their ancestral homeworld. But when their hopes of ever returning had been lost they made contact with the Anubis, a race of bipedal anthromorphic Jackals. They had recieved their transmission and helped them into becoming a strong race. The Alydonians were greatful of their help and formed a strong alliance between their races.

Years later when they formed their own interstellar powers, both recieved invitation to join the Sha'dahl Empire, the Alydonians had heard of such a race that came before them on Taul'ra and accepted their offer.

Zon Ghoul War

The Alydonians begun holding up their defence force for the Sha'dahl impiriel front, they eagerly sent thousands of warriors to hold the line against the Zon Ghouls. They sent a diplomat to meet with the Vikali in hopes of an alliance against the Zon Ghoul HIve and make them realise the serious threat they oppose to all races.