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Ashiro Kayon







Hair Colour

Maroon Red

Eye colour


Skin colour



Sha'dahl Empire

Ashiro Kayan was an Anakadian Leitenant Commander during the near climax of the Zan Ghoul War. Also, a husband to a human scientist Leena Kayon and a father of Daniel Kayon. While believing both his wife and son died on the Blue Fortress in the year 2206 he was in guilt when believing that he should have been there to save them. However Daniel was one of the very few who survived the attack in suspendid hibernation for a hundred years.

Appearance Edit

Ashiro has messy maroon red hair, grey eyes. which some of his traits (apart from his hair colour) that his son gotten from.


Around the late 22nd century, Ashiro met Leena at young age, later both were married and had a son who was to be the next leader of their Clan after merging the Water Elemental Spirit Chijaru after birth. After hearig the news that the Blue Fortress never arrived to his Anakkra, he refused to believe that his family were possibly been or allow their son to share the same fate as the rest of the crew. It was later revealed to his brother, Kumichiyu who was placed in a cybernetic combat suit by his long time friend Turaku Shan'maru that he died at the Battle of Terrabonva years after the Blue Fortress vanished.



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