This article will help others to understand more about the Babylon universe into making this into a series For those who are interested in. Taking part of the project you can and will need to know the rules to make for your species, character, planet and stories to build more of the series. There will be other articles to help out if you are having problems. Please do not add anything on this wiki before asking the permission of the creators of this wiki, soulslayer317


To create a sentient race they would have to be humanoid because it would be impossible if there are so many unless they have a common ancestral species. For example there are several races that are related to humans or from a genus of the family like the Chem'nadar, Anakadaians , Kronan Ree and the wraith who are related to each other. Another example would be for the Seernites and Dragonites who have evolved from a same species of dinosaur millions of years ago.

If your going to make a very powerful race, they would either be members of the Great Elders or from some galaxies like Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical and Andromeda so far.


If your re going to create a government in the Milky Way, don' make them a powerful government, the only three who are the largest and powerful are the Elemental Ascendance, Thihilem Republic and the Sha'dahl Empire.


There are many races with different levesl of technology

Time periodEdit

If you have ideas of some stories and anything that happened it can be in the distant past to the 25th century which I thought would be right.

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