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The series is a multitude of genres, mainly of science fantasy. Under reconstruction into a codex of multiple crossovers and many changes to edit and many are welcome to join provided to follow the coming rules

About Babylon Gate

The galaxy was created by highly advance beings known to others The Great Elders, seeding many worlds with life and help them grow from the early beginnings of it's creation. Throughout history, civilisations rise and fall, alliances formed and wars waged which have maintained that way since the dawn of time. Legends about the Great Elders were a myth to various space faring races until they found ruins, ancient gate deceives and great towers known as the Babylon gates, scattered throughout the galaxy and possibly beyond by their race proved the theory and scavenged throughout the galaxy for their ancient relics, technology and science that could uplift a civilization through many centuries ahead but could have dire consequences upon the miss of their legacies.

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