'Beowulf 'is a male Kronan Ree who has strong hatred for the humans and the cruelty they had comitted to their planet, earth and to his people since long after the fall of their civilization, strongly believs that the humans are nothing but cruel, barbaric and power hungry creatures that should be put out of their misery before the Zon Ghouls could cull their population. He has no raciel hatred for other races but only to the humans, thus creating a secret terrorist group called the Liberators, carrying out their goal to take back earth and retake their place as one of the dominant races of the planet.


Early LifeEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit


Since the death of his parents by the humans, Beowulf develoepd a strong hatred towards them and over the years of seeing the damages of the natural habitats and many species endanger he had come to believe they have grown too violant for their own good and his people should retake the Earth to make it better than it was. He would kill humans without mercry but surprisingly not children, possibly to let them learn what the true world is and what crime their people have comitted.

When forming the Liberators, he would welcome many Kronan Ree and treat them like siblings. He came to see himself as a voice to give them a reason to exist and rarely works with other species to seek his goal for his people. Beowulf believes the Society's ideal goal to unite the species of Earth and to better humanity is foolish and that humans would never co-exist with them nor themselves.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Beowulf has strong agility and uses his canine abilities to sniff out any scent a mile away. In his wolf hybrid form, he uses his fangs and claws in battle


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