A Chupacabra with it's prey

The Chupacabra are bipedal species, a native predator of Galtrosha. They were used by the Galtoshrions for hunting their prey or targets, more of a common 'pet' and sent on most planets to help them adapt to alien enviroments for new hunting grounds, including Earth thus giving the legend of these crypted species.


bipedal humanoids by appearance and with long tails. Rib cages can be seen as they move their bodies. Extremely pale leathery skin with greenish highlights. On their backs and the heads were sharp protruding quills, making some sort of rattling noise. Their legs were digitigrade, short on the upper legs while the lower parts were little longer and the elongated tarsals were probably for their ability to jump in extensive heights and run very fast. The bird-shaped heads gave Claire a chilling feeling about how they stare at her with their large glowing red eyes and their vertical rows of razor sharp teethes.


At some point in the early 20th century a group of these creatures were rumored to have been seen hunting goats and small animals in parts of Mexico . Humans have been unable to find such species, some believers thought they were mutated animals from a lab or actually aliens. The Mexican Sub-Branch of the Society had managed to locate their natural habitat and relocate them into the Sub-Branch's safari for study, some were sent to the American Branch for the same orders by the Council and found that the Chupacabra are in fact an entire new species and non-terrestrial to the planet.

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