Daniel kayon
Daniel Kayen
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2 July, 2499 A.D


Anakadian/Human Hybrid



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When a child, Daisuke had wild blonde hair, wore brown shirt and black shorts. 11 years later he resembles more of his Father, athletic builted, his hair is mostly messy and wild. He was now clad in a dark blue top with only a left sleeve, dark grey pants, brown and black traveling boots along with a large jet black garment around the waist but only the back and the side. What else was noticing were the two guns strapped to his waist, two swords: one was a odachi-like sword that reached more than half the length of the his body which was strapped to the back, the other was a katana sword at his waist.


Early lifeEdit

Diasuke was born in 2199 A.D. on Anakkra and immediatly being merged with Chijaru as a baby. At the age of 7 he was onboard the Blue Fortress with his mother and uncle, along with Turaku Shan'maru for they were creating a virus to wipe out the last remnants of the Zan Ghouls durig the War however just 3 days before returning home they were ambushed by Zan Ghouls became aware of the virus created by Leena. He was sent to the Hipernation Chambers with Turaku who vowed to look after the boy and make him his apprentice bfore his mother unleashed the virus, wiping out the entire crew along with the Zan Ghouls that infiltrated the ship.

100 years later their ship was suddenly jumped out of an anomly, heartbroken to learn not only is he the last survivor of an 'extinct' race but that his father, Ashiro also died in the war. The only things he had left of his family were a photo of him with his parents and the Emerald stone necklace which is a family heir loom. However, having to learn his uncle did survived also but didn't raised his spirits until he met a human girl around his age named Suzanna Bluesen who's family were friends of the Kayon Clan. Both quickly became friends afterwards. Daniel, Turaku and Kumichiyu were sent to Earth to life now that the Zan Ghoul-War had finally ended. Just around the same location in the United Kingdom as the girl he befriended.

Around some point he had no chocie but to return to the Anakadian Homeworld, Anakkra when finding out that a few numbers of Zan Ghouls had surived the extinction

Adult lifeEdit

Daniel now at the age of 18, he went to Lurasia to find a 'Amegai-imposter' only to learn he was one of the survivors named T'rol Yin. T'rol wanted to lure the Anakadian in an ambush of his own but was killed in battle but not before revealing part of his plot to Daniel and the military troops who later arrived saying his last words "the ultimate army will rise again"


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Since realising he possess the Water spirit after being rescued from the Blue Fortress, Daniel can able to manipulate the water elements into his bidding like a , he can make water into ice and into the other way round. He can make the water in all forms his ally and battlefield.


As an Amegai Daniel possess a katana that is mostly used in his right arm for offense, an Odachi-type sword that is more than half the length of his body is used sometimes for defences. Carries two guns for long range attacks.


  • Ashiro Kayon (Father-Deceased)
  • Leena Kayon (Mother-Deceased)
  • Kumichiyu Kayon (Uncle)


  • The Aurther wanted to name antagonist character after him because it has been in his mind to name one of the characters after him for a while and chosen "Daniel Kayon" with a suitable choice but wanted to make him a different person from him, making him more of a strong Amegai. However soon afterwards he decided to change the name and character biography for his future novel project Forgotten Tribes.

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