Dragonite soldier
A Dragonite Silverblade knight





Skin Colour

Brown, red, orange

Hair Colour

Feathered hair

Notable names

  • Dragons
  • Tyrannians
  • Reptillian

Distinctive Features

strongly built bipedal reptilians with lower mandible jaws.


Technological achievements

Level 2

Dragonites are a sentient saurian race, their distant ancestors originated from Taul'ra 65 millions of years ago until relocated to Tyrannus by the Sha'dahls when a mass extinction took place and wiped out the rest of the Dinosaurs. Aroudn the time they developed interstellar travel, both them and their cousins, the Seernite became members of the Empire.


Dragons are reptillian bipedal species, unlinke many reptiles that are cold-blooded many sarians are warm-blooded but the Dragonites have adapted to become little of both. They stand up right over 7 feet high. Their three-jointed legs would provide them more speed and sprint agility, enabling them to leap over high distances. What is very unique about their evolutionary adaptaion is of their lower jaws had somehow split into three, either by some mutation or genetic alterations. It has been puzzling how they devloped such a way.

Culture and SocietyEdit


Both Dragonite and Seernite share the same religion on their homeworld, as the Shad'ahls were worshipped as one of their religious deities in their ancient times, following their influence of bringing their earliest ancestors from Earth in the Triassic Era.

According to their religion, The Great Dragon in a reference to 'God' made the two races. Their cousins believed they were more purel dragon by their appearance and ability to breath fire and led to a hundred year religious war until both ceased fire and learned of their common heritage.



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