Faluun Zera
Faluun Zera
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Scutum-Centaurus Arm


Haivohn Sector


Hanere System

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  • Mountains
  • Frozen Glaciers
  • Oceans

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Faluun Zera is a planet in the Hinere System, located near the centre of the Haivohn Sector and once the the homeworld of the Thaar-Gain-Jung. The planet was also the heart of the Thaar-Gain-Jung Confederacy before the native race suddenly vanished thousands of years ago, however since then some races attempted to journey to the planet for further understanding, or colonise it for its technology and resources but the planet's orbital defences were still online and only allowed some speices the Thaar-Gain-Jung trusted most to land on the surface. Later on, one of their creations the Tharon claimed it as their new homeworld, along with other creations such as the Leviathans and the Kav'aar before migrating to other worlds of their own and.

Geographic featuresEdit

Faluun Zera is a large planet, nearly twice as large as Earth, however its gravity is suitable for some alien species to feel some minor differences. At some time in the past, Faluun Zera was more greener and warmer long before the U'mmit War occured. When the planet moved further from its original orbit the ice caps extended and entered an ice age period. Most of the solid landscape is covered in snow and ice by the short days and long nights, in the winter seasons the planet's weather would become more harsher. Despite the cold climate many such lifeforms adapted to the enviroment, such as large athropods to sustain heat energy within their bodies. An abundance of fish and many Aquatic creatures live in the large oceans. The largest of the 4 continents was Xhaia, covers nearly half of the surface with the ice cap connecting it with Reen through the southern pole, another of the large continents. Surrounded them are small and large islands which are inhabit by diversive species.

Being the capital of the Confederacy the cities of the ancient Thaar-Gain-Jung still existed and remain unchanged with the Tharon in control of the cities. Many were protected by shield domes left by the natives to protect their cities, technology, cultures and histories about them. After the Tharon were awakened from their slumber some members of their castes had manage to learn how to use the planetary defences and reactivated the cities allover the planet, including some found in the ocean floors.

A remnant of a Thaar-Gain-Jung city