Fol Taul'ra is the second homeworld of the Sha'dahls after the exodus of Taul'ra millions of years ago. It is the captial world of Sha'dahl Empire.

Geographic FeaturesEdit

File:Taul'ra II.jpg
About over 200 million years ago there were bountiful oceans, lakes and large landmass but with very little native creatures yet to develop. When the Sha'dahls found this planet suitable for colonization, life soon progress with the terran species they brought with them from ancient Taul'ra and over millions of years both alien and native flora and foana had adjusted to eachother's pressence.

Most of the landmass were soon covered in cities as the empire expanded and soon most of the Fol Taul'ran were transplanet to nearly terraformed worlds to further preseve the species.



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