Galtoshrions are a species of large insectoids from Galtrosha that are known throughout the Milky Way as the most feared hunters in known galaxy. They almost close to being a strong species as their Kal-Dolra allies and earned their respect since joining the Kal-Dolra Clan Nation.


"One thing you should never do, don't get on a Galtoshrion's bad side."
-Lucas Ziba to Nero Kayon.

Galtoshrions 6ft tall and are incredible strong and fast, matching their abilities to the Kal-Drola except without having strong steel-like skin but can take many hits. They have horns protruding from their foreheads and have the appearance of a humanoid, except that they have two fused arms on both sides. what makes them different from common insects is their jaws are like other species to chew their food and speak; lacking any mandibles.

They are classified as bipedal arthropods by their biological characterisitcs, they have strong carapace armor covering their entire bodies so the Galtoshrions could survive in harsh enviroments, although they would need clothing depends on the climate. The colours on their carapace are both purple brown but the front parts are blue and orange.

Most male Galtoshrions become more aggressive when angered or insulted which is why the females run the rank of politicians. As they begin from hatchlings they appear humanoid, but as they grow older their appearences changes and become more insectoid than humanoid, it is also stated that they live up to 230 years of age. it also theorised that their ancestors might have originated from swamped areas in the eastern continent 2 million years ago.


Their language is mostly guttural by their way of communicating, ulike many insectoid species.

Culture and SocietyEdit



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