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Scutum-Centaurus Arm


Patheer Sector


Affa System

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Hai'affa is a colony world, in the Scutum-Centaurus Arm planets established between the three great nation. The planet was to be terraformed while theTharon were on the otherside of the galaxy.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Hai'affa was originally a dry and uninhabitable planet, however some lifeforms are capable of thriving within the subterrainean environment along with natural resources to sustain it. There are many canyon regions and large mountains, also large sandstorms dominate the surface that make it harsh for few indigenous life to thrive. Upon the arrival of the Tharon, the planet's atmoshpere and enviroment. Altered the native fuana and flora's physiology to survive on a more breathable planet over the years.



Around between 2110 C.E. and 2113 C.E. a Tharon hivefleet discovered the Pantheer System and began terraforming the planets to surpport life. It was not long for nomadic ships of many species to hear the news of a recently terraformed system, some governments wanted the new resources and give some colonists a planet to settle. The Sol Confederacy was one of the several governments to send a few of their people to become one of the

Hai'affa Colony

joint species colonies. Over the past decade, a few cities were built and the atmosphere was becoming more breathable but still cold due to the planet's orbit so the governments had to send orbital sattalites to melt the polar ice caps.

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