Hai'affa planet
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Scutum-Centaurus Arm


Patheer Sector


Affa System

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Hai'affa is a colony world located in the fourth orbit in the Affa System, discovered long ago for its resources and potential colonization by the Mandalorian Union who liberated it by two warring species known as the Grineer and the The Hive.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Hai'affa was originally a dry and uninhabitable planet, however some lifeforms are capable of thriving within the subterranean environment along with natural resources to sustain it. There are many canyon regions and large mountains, also large sandstorms dominate the surface that make it harsh for few indigenous life to thrive.


The planet was discovered by the Grineer on the outskirts of their territoryto explore the Patheer sector and chosen the planet to be the perfect military outpost for the Empire to push further into Alliance space and to invade the Mandalorians. A fleet was sent down to the surface after discovering ancient outposts of a previous visitation of another race before them, having no signs of trouble for the past couple of weeks until strange reports of attacks and disappearances of Grineer and workers in the mines. The General in charge of the operation first dismissed it and believed to be spies or rebels that are trying to undermine their progress, however one of the soldiers came back with a corpse of the culprits and discovered to be part of the hostile aliens known as The Hive, not wanting to risk the chances and attempted to alert the Twin Queens of the news but were suddenly attacked by more Hive creatures who have awoken from their tomb ships, called for reinforcements within the system to wipe the ancient creatures.

During the war between the two sides, the Mandalorians soon learned of the strange activities within the unclaimed sector and discovered their presence, taking this to their advantage and caught the Grineer by surprise, forcing them the remaining forces to retreat while they deal with the weakened Hive on the surface of Hai'affa, called for ships for bombardment before they invade the planet to claim it under their rule.