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"There will be no peace without chaos. We have the gift of the gods and yet the Great Elders deny our right to take their place. The Amejai are merely their weapons to fight petty conflicts from the last great war! We will be the legion of shadows and shadows will fall upon them!"

- Lucifer speaking to his followers.

The Hei'len were members of various orders, most notable is the Hei'len Empire, who have left the Amejai to studied forbiddion knowledge to unlock the secrets of their powers such as dark Alchemy and Necomancy, or most common to all as 'dark magic'. In the distant past of recorded history they were sworn enemies of the Amejai and even the Great Elders, fought many wars against them for supremacy, including the Hei'len War.


There were many in strong belief that those with spiritual and psionic capabilities would become the next stage of evolution each of their species and sharing the idea of having the strongest to outmatch the weak through strength and conflicts. Like the Amejai, they take apprentices who are deemed worthy of serving them for the greater course. They used some of the ancient Wraith terms like for example, those are not spiritual sensitive and without abilities are referred as slang term for "Kr'a'noi" meaning "Mundane" or "lower form".

Over thousands of years after the Wraith Empire's reign they have not been heard or seen since. Some conclude that they could have all died out but in truth they survived and helped found a new more powerful empire from the ashes.


  • The Hei'len were made as the dark counterparts of the Amejai.

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