File:Zan Ghoul Hiveworlds.jpg

"The Zan Ghouls came in numbers near orbit of our planet to invade and culled the dead after the invasion! Eclipsing the sky with the star-shaped vessels these creatures travel through space. Be warned that if you ever see these monstrous ships, flee to the nearest populated planet to warn them of the dangers! Do not attempt to attack!"
Message by one of the Uka'ra refugees.

Zon Ghoul Hiveworlds are the main componant of the Zon Ghoul fleet and the main flagships and centrepiece of their civilization. Hiveworlds function in the role of homeworlds of which the Zon Ghouls life throughout their lives in and new generations are created. Constructed out of many ships the Zon Ghouls had salvaged into a huge star-shaped vessel. The ships were semi-sentience are able to adapt to any known enemy attacks, generate powerful shields to deflect them and upgrade their weapons. The hiveworlds are not only metallic but entirely bio-engineered and are able to regenerate any damage, inside or out. Any passing ship see any of these huge ships would be the last thing they encoutner or flee the first moment they see it.

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