Humans commonly referred to as Homo Sapians meaning "Wise Man" and Humanity or Terrans are a species of bipedal mammels from Earth,


Humans are a diversive humanoid species, they come in various shapes and sizes, even skin colour; light, dark, brown and pale depending on the environment they live.


Culture and SocietyEdit

Humans have vast diversive cultures and relgion in almost every country on Earth. Before they begun exploring outside their home solar system humans had long centuries of conflict with one another, divided themselves into civilization by race.


Prehistory Edit

Rise of civilisation Edit

Discovery of the Babylon Gates Edit

In the year 2046, astronauts recieved a mysterious signal coming from the moon and informed NASA about it, decided to send a probe to find out what's transmitting the signal, at first they thougt it was a satallite that crashed onto the surface but what they uncovered was not man-made or human. The probe discovered a cave entrance leading to a number of alien relics half buried. Proving the existance of extraterrestrial life. At first the government officials tried to conceal the device but somehow transmitted a signal to a number of humans and then the majority of the population soon discovered it.

After sometime through the months of struggle humanity found a way to reverse engineer the gate and discovered to have been built by an ancient race who used them to accurate their technology, science and genetics to travel through space and colonise planets. It was to become the new golden age of mankind, until a group of researchers discovered more of the alien artefacts, not only they provide knowledge left by the predecessors or known to others as "The Great Elders", it was to provide them the means to jumpstart for what was coming.

Age of Collapse Edit