Humans (commonly referred to as Homo Sapians meaning "Wise Man" and Humanity) are a species of bipedal mammels from Earth, they are part of a primate family. They are one of the four dominating species of the planet (the others were the Kronan Ree, Lemurians and the Djinn) and one of the founding members of the Sol Confederacy .


Humans are a diversive humanoid species, they come in various shapes and sizes, even skin colour; light, dark, brown and pale depending on the environment they live. Having nutritions in their diets they had over the last century humans reached from 5 ft to 6, some who were tall as giants by 7 or 8 ft had helth problems. Their lifespan was around 90 years and more. Over thousands of years some groups of humans developed unique abilities but were entirely unknown to many for such time. In the early 21st Century, after the Tharon visited the Sol System the millions who remained on Earth now had a 140 years lifespan and higher, increasing their physical activity and spiritual awareness.


At the time of U'mmit claimed Earth, humans had been experimented and seeded on several worlds. Many of these sub species and hominid cousins had evolved through genetic experiments and natural evolutions with similiar traits with their cousins.

Culture and SocietyEdit

Humans have vast diversive cultures and relgion in almost every country on Earth. Before they begun exploring outside their home solar system humans had long centuries of conflict with one another, divided themselves into civilization by race.



U'mmit WarEdit

Prior to the Great U'mmit War, Early-Humans were easily enslaved long before the ice age occurred, while the U'mmit remain in hiding from the Galaxy, many used as experiments to create new breeds of species by genetically engineering their physiology to serve the U'mmit Imperium. Many were secretly scattered to other worlds to let them evolve in a natural course before returning to their home galaxy, Andromeda. Less than a million years later Modern humans and other members of the genus evolved and developed high intelligence and their masters returned to force them to dig out the Tower of Babel, a tower with incredibly advance technologies, knowledge and power they long desired from the Gate Builders. But as they found their prize the Humans and other races united and rebelled them. A fierce battle occured and just when all hope was lost they were saved by the Sha'dahl Empire after the U'mmit's pressence was revealed.

The Void EraEdit

It had later revealed that humans were much more advanced than their decendants would've been and co-existed with the Lemurians, Kronan and the Djinn but at some time around 40,000 years B.C.E a war broke out which no one can decipher what caused it but some, mainly the Kronan Ree pointed out that it was the Humans who started it out of jealousy and greed which nearly destroyed their entire species.

World WarsEdit

Zon Ghoul WarsEdit

As the Zon Ghoul fleet makes its way to Earth, all of the native races and nearly all of Humanity slowly joined forces to fight for their survival and their planet. The Society sent their agents and Samurai Elites to many military factions in aide while on the front lines for their long years of experiences with the invaders.

New AgeEdit

Eventually around 2012 C.E., they joined the Sha'dahl Empire but were unable to reach any of the ships they sent out after the arrival of a Tharon hive fleet. With their planet isolated and unable to return to Earth for a hundred years, the rest that remains in the Solar system slowly colonise the nearest planets and moons, starting with Luna and Mars to begin new lifes.

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