Female Nadarian

Jira Tsuno

Jira Tsuno was a female Nadarian Amejai, a former slave along with her family when the Morgoon conquered her people. She was discovered by the Amejai and joined the Order, learning the mystical arts the Amejai or other known shaman have learned in the Hei'len War.


Early LifeEdit

Jira started out as a young slave girl to the Morgoon when the Hegemony conqoured and enslaved nearly the entire Nadarian species.

Hei'len WarEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Jira shows a great control of her spirit energy. She is telepathic and creates psi shields around herself and targets.


Moon-Crescant Scythe

Jira's scythe

Her usual weapon is a scythe and proved very skilled to use it in battle. She can channel her spiritual energy into her weapon with her avatar Merogrian.

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