Khara Blusenn is the Chem'nadar princess of the outer rim planet Eden when the Chem'nadar Federation and other allies was at war with the Hei'len Empire. She is the daughter of Harren Blusenn and Sahra Ji'au Blusenn.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Khara was described by many of her so-called 'suiters' to be a stunning, beautiful young woman of her generation. Has a full hourglass Long soft blondish brown hair in curls, bangs casted at both sides of her face and grey eyes. At her current appearance she has not yet recieved her wings until she reached her metamorphosis


As a princess she grew up in high Chem'nadar society to know the responsibilties of her title and the well fair of the state, but like few of the noble families such as the Blusenn family who care more for the people than the wealth and power that the Federation has, feared for what the Chem'nadar people may become as the second Hei'len war progress. Despite her title and nobility, Khara is a kind hearted young girl who shows little aristocracy to her people as equal and treats them as any other Chem'nadar which she and moost of her family would go to the market, sometimes with her parents and buy things such as clothes, food, especially well crafted vases.

Powers and abilitiesEdit



  • Khara Blusenn is one of the main protagonists in the future novel Babylon: Forgotton Tribes. Her original character was greatly redesigned from the original planned novel The Last Anakadian in 2008 but was ultimately decided to be recycled until the in-progress novel Babylon: Child of Earth.

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