Kirara Animagi
Kirara Animagi
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17 June, 1992 C.E.


Human/Anakadian Hybrid



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Saphire Blue


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Kirara Animagi is a female Human/Anakadian hybrid who was born on Earth in the late 20th cenutry. During her early life she was born in Japan then later moved to North America where she was treated differently from others for having white hair. In 2008 C.E. she was captured by a Zon Ghoul, Mikira who almost took away her memories in attempt to relocate her home planet for a furture invaion but was interfened by the Ta'lyn Crew and willingly joined as part of their crew to find her locked memories and a way back to Earth.


Early LifeEdit

Kirara was born on Earth in 1992 in Japan. On her 4th year after birth her family was moved to America. Not much of her past is known quite clearly, all she could remember was being captured by Zon Ghouls and takened away from her homeworld.

Ta'lyn CrewEdit

She could not remember how she lost her past but fortunate that she knows her name and little of her family and friends back on Earth, Kirara was rescued by the crew on a Leviathan named Ta'lyn which she spent the first night with a male Anakadian close to her age named Rai Kimashuka.

Before arriving to one of Calkeera's moons: Furmiss , Kirara had a nightmare of what appeared to one of her lost memories before the abduction. She found her camera and decided to make a document of her travels, seeing many alien species and gained new clothing. They went to a store so that the Vesspess Galem would make business with an Arachnikarian salesmen. After being alone with Rai for a while both the teens encountered the Anubis captain and Alydonian soldiers exacuting a Zon Ghoul survivor, they later encountered two more who introduced themselves as Mikira and Frekka: Itwas revealed that Mikira who was part of the kidnapping and sealed kirara's memories away for reasons. She was felt frieghtened and scared when remembering about him in her dreams, Rai was furious of how the Zon Ghouls treated her. When defending her he revealed his ability to change into a dragonoid-form to her, Kirara learned of his abilities and both made their escape from the near edge for a get-away. Thanking Rai she gave him a peck on the cheek and returned to the Leviathon before returning to space, she had asked Shimuri the captain of the crew to train her so she would not be a burden, though she isn't and Shimuri accepted her as her own apprentice, after a long day she took a bath and settled into her new quaters.

Around sometime later when the crew had to travel through the Noorak Neblua they were ambushed by mercanaries, she volunteered to investigate any intruders completely unaware that the Yaskkrin leader decided to follow her into believing she was "old flame" known as the "White Queen". She was confronted by the Moss known as Ssiro and later Fen, who had followed her. She struggled in combat with Ssiro's ability of illusions using his own chemical-coated saliva, nnot realising that Fen was about to shoot her using his blaster until the Sha'dahl, Li'haku saved her life. Shortly after Fen's crew retreated she discovered the truth of her grandmother who was really an Anakadian, includig herself and those of her family. Upon arriving to Surrak Ru station, Kirara was surprised to see Rai in her quarters, while in a convensation she rushed to him in only a towel in tears. She explained to him how much she missed everyone on her homeworld. Rai gave her a warm comfurte and suddenly asked him to go on a 'date' with her around the station. Which later the two kissed and admit their feelings to eachother, however they found it too quick to develop and let them take time for it.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kirara's most striking characteristics were her long snow white hair: sometimes back on Earth she would have to hide it from many who thought that she had died it that way. Has soft creamy skin. At her age, Kirara has a near-curvaceous figure. Once commented by her friends she would be attract many males should her body continue to develop, even her large cleavage.


From what little she could remember, Kirara had always being keen in listening to her grandparents' stories what sort of creatures from other worlds are like and their 'adventures' across the galaxy. After encountering real live extraterrestrials she began to wonder if their stories really did happened. SInce first meeting with the Leviathon crew she quickly gotten used to meeting non-human species.



Ta'lyn crewEdit

Shimuri KimashukaEdit

Rai KimashukaEdit

During a short time with the Ta'lyne crew, Kirara developed an immediate romantic feelings for Rai. Even after going in his dragonoid form to protect her from the Zon Ghouls on Furmiss. Both gotten to know eachother well over time and when she was upset and cried over the fear of never finding Earth she was comfurted by him, even asked to hang out around the Surrak Ra and had her first kiss with him after discussing their feelings together. Even though they enjoyed it both agreed to let it develop during her time with them to reach Earth.

Galom NeesidEdit

Since their first meeting, they did not get along well after finding out about his earlier plot to get rid of her on first planet they come by.


  • The image slected was used from the The Forbiddon Kingdom film as the character was acted by Bing Bing. The reason why Daniel Waugh; the Auther of the Babylon series wanted a have one of the main characters to have white hair which he thought they would be something new.