Kuchisake, commonly referred to as "Slit Mouth" is a Zon Ghoul Death Hunter. She took the identiy of a substitute teacher to find and kill any offspring of Society Agents and report what she found but was later reassigned as a fulltime assasin after her previous mission was a failuer


In 2009 C.E., she was assigned on a mission to find any Society Agents or any offspring they have and eliminate them in an attempt to prevent many more future generations from joining the Society. She travelled to Montana under the identity of the substitute teacher Miss Ellans where she had sensed a strong pressence of enhanced humans. The students under her teachings were Claire Lowence and Alex Hunter who were her prime suspects and later targets to eliminate, which proven true after discovering both their families were agents. When she discovered that another of their enemies had retrieved an artifact with unlimited power she requested backup to retrieve and kill their enemies. Entering the antic shop where her students were at she took the oppurtunity to complete her mission.

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