Mayera 1








Height of average adult

2 meters

Skin color

Pale while

Hair color


Eye color

Blue or Green

Physical distinction(s)

Chitinous exoskeleton, organic tentecles, omnicidal

Average lifespan


"There is a cancer eating at the Collective. This horror, these abominations, function on an unimaginable scale and all we can do is try to stop the hordes of bio-engineered monsters that have to gall to take the form of women. We have given the horror a name to salve our fears; we call them the Mayera race, but if they are aware of us at all they must know us only as Prey."
—A Vikali commander during a meeting on the Mayera threat

The Mayera are a humanoid all-female species originating from an unknown planet near the galactic rim. Much of their history is unknown, and most of what is known about them comes from the Vikali's violent encounters with them. The Mayera are a highly-advanced race, and are known to have been active during the height of the U'mmit War, focusing most of their energy into filling the void of power in the sparsely inhabited outer reaches of the galaxy. The name of their empire is unknown, though the region they were trapped in by the Great Elders is simply referred to as the Mayera Reaches, an expanse of space nearly devoid of any intelligent life save the Mayera themselves. It is bordered by the Vikali Collective, which has been fighting a perpetual war against the Mayera known as the Infinite War.


Culture and SocietyEdit

"Of course we are sentient. We think. We build. We invent. We speak."
—Mayera Leader (Name TBD)


Early HistoryEdit

U'mmit WarEdit

21st CenturyEdit

Main article: Zon Ghoul Wars

A Mayera individual was captured by the Zon Ghouls somewhere near the Expanse region in the early 21st century, their species is possibly one of the many the Zon Ghouls have yet to encounter and study but mostly likely have escaped after a mutiny on the ship.


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