Mikira is a male Zon Ghoul, who was responsible for experimenting, kidnappings individuals from many worlds to know more of their species' physiology and improve them for his species to later cull and assimilate for the next centuries. He is proven relentless on recapturing Kirara Animagi, one of his latest prisoners and test subject to his experiments, to unlock her memories and find the coordinates of her homeworld, Earth.


Zon Ghoul WarEdit

He and a group he was with made a blind starthrust to Earth which unknown to them was really the ancient Sha'dahl homeworld Taul'ra, kidnapped a female human named Kirara Animagi and caused her to loose nearly all of her memories.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mikira's appearance is tall, slender and very much humanoid which indicates that he is much older than he appears. His carapaced body is smooth, sleek and light armored, wears an ankle-length robe aroround his waist. Long, claw-like hands. Mikira's face is smooth and without a lower jaw, much simliar to some avian bird and has long white dredlocks running past his shoulders.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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