The Mintaquee are a sentient species with advance telepathic abilities, although they can communicate through gurgle-like clicks. The Mintaquee were known to some parts in the Perseus Arm to develop a sliptstream-based technology to travel through different levels of hyperspace which attracted the interest of the Thihilem Republic and offered them an invitation which they accepted.


Society and CultureEdit


First ContactEdit

The Mintaquee soon became aware of many species and civilizations beyond their system, some are merely primitive than they were and others more advanced, each one unique and different than they imagined. The Mintaquee Commonwealth had be very cautious of who they would encounter and learn about them before they would reveal themselves. They became interested of technology that could send them hundreds of lightyears or further. After a century of coloninzing their entire system they chosen the best scientists to a faster-than-light-drive trechnology, they created and tested the new slipstream-Drive on the ship F'Ja'Kull and proven successful after travelling over 300 lightyears from their homeworld.

The experiment did not go unnoticed when the F'Ja'Kull was discovered by the Ferocia who found them and took interest in their dsicovery of using an new way fo interstellar travel. They explaiend to the crew that they were members of the Thihilem Republic and wish to make contact with their people after achieving the next level of their development.


After the Mintaquee began exploring across their star system, they had recieved signals of other civilizations from neighbouring worlds. Travelling beyond light was very common knowledge to them and studying the designs of the Starthrust Engines to design their own FTL-drive to use different methods of travelling hundreds of lights, discovering slipstream travel. With help from the other races they encountered to achieve this goal the Mintaquee believe that hyperspace is only one of the dimensional planes that could be used to travel through and discovered

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