The Morgoon are a semi-humanoid, slug-like sentient species from their native world Mal-Naphahrim who were noted to aide the Kal-Dolra Clan Nation and the Hei'len Empire in their war against the Thihilem Republic in the past in hopes to have control over most planets for their nation. They once subjugated hundreds of worlds and subject races when the Morgoon Hegemony was powerful, now they control a dozen systems and forced to rely on relations with rival species.


The Morgonn are a mono-gender race-disctinctly feminine from the top half but with bloated bodies and are mounted by their large tails due to the heavy weight of their bodies and forced to crawl. They are able to grow hair from their heads. They have two large stomachs, one used as an inner pouch for items and their young, or surprisingly people for safety, Morgoon are able to control their stomach acids, should they swallow a living creature it can survive for many days. Their reproductive organs seem to work in a similar way from a male passing its sperm into the female's womb, of the Morgoon that proves to be suitable to carry the unborn fetus would take the role of a mother.

There are have been signs of Males being genetically created from the mutations after the fall of their empire. They classified them as a sub-breed known as the Bargoon used for military purposes, they shown some similarities and large body mass and more amphibious-like features. Despite the Morgoon belieivng them as primitive they are very intelligent and more agile then the female-breed and are more stronger from the genetic mutation effects.

A rare case of them being born naturally from Morgoon and not cloned as all Bargoon are males.

Society and cultureEdit

The entire female species have more dominating political power while the males control the military but some of them do have different roles in the Morgoon Hegemony.

Many are divided by clans and live in a feudal society of competing for title, power and territory which is common for the Hegemony. The Morgoon only allow their species to practice slavery but by having gladiator battles to have potential soldiers from other species such as Nadarians to serve them and other roles, they would promote their servants and slaves to a high status by earning their appreciation. Most humanoid females that they find as attractive and beautiful would become their slaves and have as many in their harem, even pick them off the streets and are consider no better than mear 'pets' for pleasure and entertainment.


  • The Morgoon share some similiarities to the Hutts of the Star Wars universe as they share the interest in female humanoids but entirely 'female'.

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