Re'Teh IV


Average temperatures except cold seasons


possibly omnivores



Height of average adult

2.8 meters meters

Wingspan of average adult

2 meters meters

Skin color


Hair color


Eye color


Physical distinction(s)

Chitinous exoskeleton, bipedal humanoids, six limbs and strong jaw

Average lifespan

40 years

Famous member(s)

The Moss are a bipedal insectoid species that resemble an Earth Moth. They are found on the forest world of Re'Teh IV when they first thought to be predators with small intelligence to some races but in truth the Moss are capable of using technology and speech. Normally they are very cautious of meeting new species especially insectoids such as the Tharon and Galtoshrions by their natural instincts. Only interested by forming alliaces if need for new resources and technology they would be able for their monarch hive.


Standing over 7 feet in height, the Moss have two pairs of arms and the legs to support them. Three produding appendages protruding from both sides of their necks and can able ot extend further like hair. The Moss evolved to large size by the amount of carbon dioxide they absorbed from their home planet. They evolved a pair of jaws and talons to hunt their prey and grasp onto things which gave them the advantage to build civilization.

The Moss can fire a special liquid from their mouths, commonly known as "Moth Saliva" on to any living creature or object and they would spread their wings that release the chemicals which combines with the others from the saliva, confusing their enemy's natural senses, giving the illusion of more than one Moss. It is their main use in combat to confuse their opponent. It is also used to build a nest for the females to lay their eggs and leave them for a few days until they hatch as larvae.

Moss 2

The Moss' wings concealing their bodies

Their wings have developed stronger layers to carry their body mass, their powerful legs give them the advantage to take flight. They are decorated with diamoned shaped patterns with the black centres, giving the idea of 'eyes' to cast illusions with their saliva. They are also used to fold around their bodies to conceal themselves as it was giving the impression of clothing.

Culture and SocietyEdit


A Moss individual of this species named Ssiro was a member of Fel Tannu's crew when they attacked the Leviathan in the Zon Ghoul Wars.


  • The name comes from a type of plant with the same name but have no relations to the species.
  • The Moss are an inspiration to the cyrptid species called the Mothman and has slight simliarities.

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