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S'shun was the Hivelord of the Zon Ghoul Hiveworld Coming Shadow.


Early historyEdit

Sometime in the 18th century, nearing the end of the Battle of Rihuni Fe, S'shun was angered by the failure to take the colony world when learning the failed capture of the Anakadian colony world by a young Zon Ghoul named Karuni. For his shame and failure to accomplish their mission to liberate the planet, the hivelord de-ranked him as Tsunakai.

Okolira conflictEdit

Over a month later S'shun was given orders by the hivefleet to search for the Do'ra Ji, which was recently reported missing in the L'oa sector; the location of the Okolira nebula where many Zon Ghoul ships go and never heard from again. Accompanied by the Lord's Talon to travel to the sector, afterwards they picked up the Do'ra Jins faint signal and it's AI was not responding to ay of their hails. He chose Kuroni to lead the away team, much to Commandar Gai'as's distrust to the Tsunakai but secretly told him that it would not matter wether he lives or dies, so long as othes like him know their place in the Zon Ghoul Hive.

When they were attacked by unknown ships, presumably natives of the sector and culprits of the attacks, he ordered the fleet to attack and assimilate their ships and species to know more about them and exploit their advance technology. When their ships' scanners completed the analyses of their ships' componants and technology, S'shun was shocked and surprised when he learned that those alien ships were using their own technology and somehow controlled them without being assimilated themselves. What was more surprising these natives had made them more technological organic then theirs and more superiors which could be more useful for their armies to use in the war. It was then he made first contact with their attackers who identified themselves as the Sovra. Demanding they surrender and hand over the 'stolen' properties, he orders the remaining fleet to attack only to find his plan backfired when the Sovra's reinforcements arrive and forced him to order a retreet.