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Shimuri Kimushuka
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Shimuri Kimashuka is female Anakadian who is the captain of the Ta'lyn crew. After finding Kirara Animagi, the granddaughter of the Anakadian Yugito Animagi she took her under her wing as a new crew member and promised to help her find a way back to Earth.

Physical appearanceEdit

Shimuri is shown to have tall average height, chin length purple hair swept on both sides of her head. Her facial features are remarkably similiar to Asians such as the rest of her species, along with her natural extensive youth. Her skin is light despite the years of travelling in space. Wearing a dark green shirt which only hangs above her curved hips, showing her flat stomach, her breasts are easily noticed behind her shirt and an opened brown longcoat to conceal her katana that is strapped to her waist.


As a captain she holds responsible over the lives of her crew. Isn't affected by her son calling her by her first name so that her enemies would not immediatly know of their family relations. She is mostly calm in battle and can learn from her opponent's tatics during her time in the military.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Akari KimashukaEdit

Akari Kimashuka became instantly fond of her when they enrolled in the Anakadian military, he usually helped her from fights that she usually get into with a "fiery spirit and crazed mind of a Galtoshrion" by his comment. The two grew close together after her capture by the Morgoon Yarra and eventually married after sharing a bond link with eachother. A year later when she discovered her pregnancy with Akari's child, Rai. She reluctantly left the military to raise him while her husband continued on with his career when the Zon Ghouls came out of their hiding from the galaxy. She remained in contact through their symbiotic link and hoped he would come out in one piece or she would kill him by her threats.

Rai KimashukaEdit

Rai Kimashuka is the only child of Akari and Shimuri

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