The Tharon a insectoid species, their entire race created by the Thaar-Gain-Jung after they vanished. Their entire species was genetically engineered along with the Leviathans and the Kav'aar to serve their creators and later their legacies if they one day vanished. Created as terraformers for colonization for the Thaar-Gain-Jung Confederacy, now they do so create habitable worlds and formed a new state of government, the Tharon Hierarchy.


The Tharons have variad appearances depending on their role for the hive even arachnid species, while near-humanoid drones are mainly use for negotiations with alien species for their queen as they are more humanoid with palish green skin and white hair, appearing with natural beauty. Some Tharons who are placed in stronger branches would have telepathic abilities that they use to
File:Tharons into battle.jpg
comminucate with eachother at longe distance

The total of planets they have terroformed are over 213 and they still continue to search for new worlds as it is what they were created to do but what made the scientists half around the galaxy, including Earth is that few of their large ships could reach the length of half the size of the Earth's moon, Lunar as. They even developed their own ecosystem for organisms to thrive, water, plants and creatures with genetic samples from any creatures they encounter from from alien worlds. Tharons have adapted themselve to be more capable of breathing in the vacuum of space.

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