Thihilem Republic

Thhilem Republic (top)

The Thihilem Republic is the youngest the three major powers that control the Milky Way Galaxy, the other two are the Elemental Ascendance and the Sha'dahl Empire. The republic was founded by Thihilem, an angelic race and members of the Great Elders. Like the other greater nations it is a collection of alien races with hunreds of members, more of a democratic community and express many relations with other intersteller powers in the galaxy. The Thihilem faught alongside with their allies against the extra-galactic threat known as the U'mmit in their attempt to invade the galaxy, after the war they focus on protecting the younger races, mainly pre-interstellar civilizations from dangers until they learn to defend themselves.


Early HistoryEdit

The Republic's history goes back a million years at the time when the Thihilem and the Ferocia's common ancestors splited into two groups during their evolutionary development, both becoming a near-ascended race. The Thihilem established the Repiblic on Chandraeran as the capital of the democratic nation.

U'mmit WarEdit

Main article: U'mmit War

The Thihilem accepted the Sha'dahl Empire's aide when an extragalactic power known as the U'mmit Imperium enetered their galaxy. Realising how much of a threat they pose, the Thihilem Republic sent out a fleets to merge with their allies ships to attack the U'mmit. During the war the three major powers formed an alliance to fight against the common enemy, creating the Three Great Nation Alliance.

Zon Ghoul WarEdit

Main article: Zon Ghoul Wars



The Republic governs thousands of star systems within its territory and contiunes to expand by colonizing unhabitable worlds with the help of the Hive Dynasty's terraforming abilities and forming peaceful relations with neighboring races.



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