Tomali Gonujee
Tomali Gonujee
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Tomali Gonujee is a male Human, one of the manySociety agents to be caught in a temperol rift during a short conflict with the Death Hunters, sending them to the other side of the Milky Way. Tomali seems to have a religious belief, carries wisdom and a scientist.


Early lifeEdit

Little is really known about his past. When he was a young teenager his parents were possibly killed in an air raid. Tomali spent his live in Africa and traveled places, learning combat and defense to survive but sometime later he was caught in a crossfire in the South Africa, the explosion damaged his eyesight and could never see again. A year after leaving home he was cared by a priest named Fr. Eberegbulam who found and helped him learn to use his other senses, during that time, Tomali began seeing fiant images from his damaged eyes discovered the ability to sense and see spiritual aura from living beings. He began learning to enhance his new abilities in other ways with Eberegbulam's assistance; extending the limit of his senses. Recognising the shape and form of objects and people and channeling his aura.

The SocietyEdit

By the age of 19, Eberegbulam introduced him to an agent who could help him of using his gifts to help others. Becoming a member of the African Branch Society. Over the years he studied some alien technologies the Society was granted access, also more interested in their cultures and languages that could be related throughout Earth's history

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tomali is a tall well built dark skinned male with a bald head. His notable features are his sunglasses. As a
Young Tomai

Tomali before becoming blind

teenager he one had long dark hair in dredlocks and use to wear common glasses.


In his youth, Tomali was a loner and did not trust many after the death of his parents, believed humans cannot trust themselves no matter who they were, except to children who he saw were innocent and do not know how things work. However that changed when he met Fr. Eberegbulam who helped him understand more of the world. Having shown to have religious and foundation beliefs. Despises those who uses religion as a justification.

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