"The Tyrannian Union is a state that represents the relations of Seernites and Dragonites of our proud homeworld. The Union will fight for its allies with dignity and honour."

The Tyrannian Union is the imperial subject state and member of the Sha'dahl Empire. The capital world of the Tyrannian Union is Tyrannus. After joining the Sha'dahl Empire they span the entire T'Yar System and few more systems. It is one of the most militerized states in the Empire. The main species of this state are the Dragonites and Seernites.



For need to support its people the Union mainly trades what resources they see valuable for others, both the Dragonites and Seernites have vast resources in their system, when the Union council first left their home planet they made sure that none of it should be wasted only on reasonable use and non-harmful to them and their natural eviroments; making new technologies, cities, clean energy, trade and military.


As a military state nation, the Tyrannian Union has a fleet of hundreds of ships to defend its worlds and the Empire alongside their allies. They build ships that resemble flying creatures from their native homeworld and other ships of different class based on fierce creatures as it has been one of their most long lived traditions in warfare.

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