Okay, so far as I havent been working on the latest chapter on Child of Earth since september, Art College has been REALLY busy so I have little time to do it but its getting there and there are other things to do also. I had treached the thought of having help of making this idea into reality to be as big as the popular sci fi and fantasy genre in existence!

To make easier for those who are interested I have a facebook, DeviantArt account so you know where I am and talk and exchange some ideas and what could be done.

I told my parents of what I'm working on, my dad who now has the largest business company of selling figures in the North East of England (gamesworkshop, Iron kingdoms, Flames of war you name it) I told him about Babylon and he thought of making it into a game to increase, that I don't mind but depends seeing as i planned on making a manga comic and novel. I'm planning on taking some drawings with me to a convention in Birmingham this year to share my ideas and hope to hear some constructive examples of them.

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