For possibly 3 years I've been cursed by my own imagination of making such ideas. I've been slowly working on one of my novels (well using a computer to write it) called Child of Earth. This was thought and some main event that some would figured through my devintart work that would take place before 2012. Now I know people would think it would be silly to unchange the time era and set it in the near future but I'm leaving it as it is because there are some fictional stories that have a slight alternate universe than our own and I'm making this.

For the Society project, it will be set during the same time as the Child of Earth or after depends. They are fighting against the Zon Ghouls who have alost full control over the humans without knowing they ever exist, kinda like the Illuminati but different. The Society is an independant organization that is spread allover the world and in a secret war with them for over 300 years. THey don't just fight against the Zon Ghouls but collect ancient technologies that were built from their forgotten history and find alien and abnormal creatures from the public. I have thought of allowing them to use advance technology since they've been trading with other races who have a common enemy and built strong relations with them.

(Warning: Spoiler alert!)

Examples are that a Tharon hive fleet comes to the Sol System around 2012 after the battle of Earth to terraform suitable planets and currently settle on Earth for awhile and humans would need to evacuate and head towards some planets during the 100 year quarantine. Some would stay behind and others would eventually create new societies during their exiles.

For a newly state government, when Earth becomes a member of teh Sha'dahl Empire they would need to reform their governments, replace the United Nations after it was mainly controlled by the Death Hunters. The Society, Hollow Earth Kingdom and Lemurian Empire who thought againt them would be the founders of the new alliance. This would be known as the Sol Confederacy. I'm not goinginto details yet but you can catch up on my stories on my deviantart account.

If you have any questions at all please let me know.

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