Okay so it's been a while since my last blog update. I have been updating and creating new characters which I hope you have took notice from my Deviantart page, so far I got more ideas pouring inside my head and with summer coming closer I could get mroe time with this and other projects. The stories are coming along nicely and will be taking notes from the illustration course I'll be studying next year.

So far I thought I would make a blog to help you know more about Babylon and everything about it. This blog will be about the stories and projects that will be worked on in the future. There will be blogs to help others who want to add any races, characters and factions and what rules they need to follow but that will be in the next blog post.

The stories

Child of Earth

Book I

The first part starts off with a girl named Kirara Animagi who was abducted from Earth, found by a crew of misfits and found herself in a middle of a war between the entire galaxy against a parasitic race intended to dominate all seetient life. Unable to find a way back home for the moment she would have to travel with the Ta'lyn crew.

Book II

Book III


Shadows of the Order

Forgotten Tribes

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